Maximize your special education dollars with telehealth direct therapy services for your students.

Maximize Your Budget

Save money by maximizing direct therapy time without having to pay for therapist's travel, student transfer time, or expensive equipment.

Talented Therapists

No matter the location or number of students, your school has access to high quality therapists through live-video treatment sessions.

Student First

Your students connect with the same Proximity provider each week who is specially trained to optimize online sessions for efficiency and engagement.

Every school has a custom site so you can easily schedule your student's appointments, enter the virtual waiting room, and securely access treatment notes and billing history. 

Customized School Site

About Proximity Telehealth

Proximity Telehealth, LLC is a woman-owned company based in Boise, Idaho. The founder, Anne Madden, is one of the leading telehealth physical therapists in the country and found success treating rural special needs students through online live-video chat appointments. Now, the Proximity team brings the talent of experienced in-person therapists and makes them accessible to Idaho students through telehealth.

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